What a great tour!  I've lived in Petaluma most of my life and I not only tried dishes at restaurants that I'd never tried before but learn things about my home town that I didn't know.  There is the perfect amount of walking and eating on this tour. 

I highly recommend these tours for anyone visiting Petaluma who is interested in 1) our history, 2) seeing the sights of downtown, 3) meeting our wonderful restaurant owners, and 4) tasting our restaurateurs' culinary delights.

In the interest of full disclosure, I write the Food & Drink section of the Petaluma Argus- Courier and they will end up paying for my attendance of this tour.  But, I get to choose what I write about so my choice to write an article about Petaluma Food Tours (and my choice to write a Yelp Review) is purely based on the fact that I think they are offering a unique (and tasty) product.  I only write about people and businesses that I think contribute to our unique community so if I didn't think Petaluma Food Tours did just that, I wouldn't be writing about them here or in an upcoming issue of the Argus.

This was an excellent way to spend the afternoon, good people, good drinks, good food and a wonderful tour of the town.  Each of the restaurants and cellars we visited treated us royally.  The tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable and really took the extra steps to make our tour the best. I would highly recommend this tour to both visitors and locals.

As a Certified Tourism Ambassador, I was privileged to participate in this tour on 1/28/16.  Considering all the rain we've been having, we had a mostly dry day.  All 3 owners (Anne, Juliet and Marina) were with us helping to promote their new business.  We went to 6 very different Petaluma establishments where we enjoyed plenty of food and libation.  The guides shared historical information as we walked about 1.5 flat miles. I've gone on food tours in Miami, Oakland, and Lisbon, Portugal, and this one compares most favorably.  For tourists, these food walking tours are a great way to get to know a new place.  For locals, it's a fun way to learn more about their local area.

Great rainy day in Petaluma with Juliette from PFT.  Living nearby, I wanted to get a feel for the food and drink offerings in Petaluma.  And, that we did!   
A great variety, and great quality.  BBQ, Sliders, Port, Wine, Beer, Salads, and chocolate PIE!  The rain did not even slow us down.  Even with the good walk, I skipped dinner--in other words, we ate a plenty and enjoyed every bite. I cant' wait to come back.   Yumm.